Easter and the Easter Bunny

As March comes to a close, winter seems to leave and the promise of spring is in the air. Many people, however, wait for one special day to signal the start of spring – Easter. For these people, only one animal brings Easter – the Easter Bunny!
Easter is a holiday. That means it is a special day for people to be with their friends and family. Easter is a very religious holiday for many people who follow the beliefs of Christianity, Ins Christian beliefs, Easter represents the day on which Jesus rose from the dead.
Many Christians celebrate the day by going to church and enjoying a big family dinner.
The date on which we celebrate Easter depends on when there is a full moon. However, Easter is always on a Sunday, and is always between March 22 and April 25.
Not everyone celebrates Easter, but it is a major holiday in many countries around the world. In these places, Easter morning means going to church, getting Easter flowers, and buying new clothes. It also means chocolate candy and Easter eggs! Now on most days we know that birds lay eggs, but not on Easter. Who brings these special, colored eggs? Well, the Easter Bunny, of course.
The story of the Easter Bunny is very old. A long time ago, people didn’t know that spring came every year. They believed that a goddess called Eastre was in charge of bringing spring, and winter would last forever!
To make sure Eastre was happy, people had a huge party for her and for her favorite animal, the hare. A hare is an animal that looks and acts just like a rabbit or bunny.
Today we know that nobody brings spring. It is a season that always comes after winter. Although we no longer believe in Eastre, we still have the Easter Bunny!

Spring is also time for new life. It is in the spring that plants and flowers begin to grow and baby animals are born. Bunnies are also a symbol of new life. The Easter Bunny brings candy.
There is an old story about the Easter Bunny, too. After the cold, dark, winter, many birds lay eggs in the bright sunlight of a spring day. The Easter Bunny would collect these eggs and paint them bright colors to celebrate a spring. If little children were good during the winter, then the Easter Bunny would bring them a whole bunch of colored eggs. To hold all the eggs, the kids would build nests for the Easter Bunny and hide the eggs in their homes or yards.
Many countries have different traditions, or ways of doing things, about Easter and the Easter Bunny. In every country, the Easter Bunny brings treats to children. However, in some places he puts the eggs in the children’s baskets. In other countries, he hides the eggs, and the children have to go on an Easter-day hunt.

Is the Easter Bunny real? Has anyone ever seen him? People will always talk about this. Some say he is real and some say he isn’t. Even though people have different ideas, everyone agrees on one thing – it’s what the Easter Bunny stands for that’s important.
So every year, around the end of March, the air will turn warmer. Then if you listen long and hard enough, you might just hear a faint hippity-hop, or catch a glimpse of a small fluffy tail. Then you can decide about one of nature’s most wonderful animal stories- the Easter Bunny.


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